How Snapchat Filters and Photoshop Feed Face Dysmorphia

How Snapchat Filters and Photoshop Feed Face Dysmorphia

By Bhavika

 How Snapchat Filters and Photoshop Feed Face Dysmorphia

Do you worry about the way you look ? Does looking at your face make you feel insecure ? Do you frequently compare your looks with other people ?

Everyone compares some aspects of them with others but It takes the form of face dysmorphia when they obsessively and constantly engage in this practice and seek validation from others. Yeah, we all have something about our appearance that we dislike but In the case of facial dysmorphia, insecurity can evolve into an obsession. People frequently cope with the anxiety emerging from face dysmorphia by engaging in routines and activities such as mirror-checking, skin-picking, and continuous grooming. 

One of the main reasons nowadays for face dysmorphia is snapchat filters and photoshop. You might wonder how the app that makes you feel pretty with filters can result in forming a disorder ?



The answer is simple: What it shows you is fake ! The images through snapchat filters are different from your reflection in mirror or normal camera photos. Those filters hide the real you behind the beauty standards set by others. The images One could seek validation because of any reason and when they receive it through any means they feel listened to , validated. 

Apps like snapchat give options that allow you to add attractive filters to images, soften imperfections, brighten teeth, and even enhance your eyes and lips. Anyone may quickly cover their visible imperfections with these choices. These make people feel pretty and they get compliments and validation but that validation is temporary and limits itself to an app. If they do not receive that validation in reality, they start to point out their flaws that are not even their. Accepting reality is a big part of having good mental health.

“We should accept the way we are rather than trying to be someone we are not.”

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