How to Overcome Face Dysmorphia through Self Photography

How to Overcome Face Dysmorphia through Self Photography

By Satvika

How to Overcome Face Dysmorphia through Self Photography

We all have felt a little bit insecure or under confident about our face. I am hoping you haven't. But if you have that's fine. Just keep reading. Did you know that there are small things you can do that will make you feel better about your facial features? One of them is taking selfies.

Yes. Small things can help with gaining self-esteem. If you look at your pictures and think that you don’t look good, you feel insecure and hesitant to post the pictures on social media worrying what others might think of you and the aspects you are insecure about. But if you look good and the way you want; you instantly feel good about yourself.

Learning how to take your pictures has more than a few gains. First, it can help with your insecurities. There will be some features that you don’t like about yourself but that means there are features that you do like. And through selfies you can learn to highlight them and how to make them look prominent. This will help you gain confidence in your looks. You will start posting pictures without hesitating. You may also get a positive response from others. You will discover new things about yourself that you love. You may start looking at yourself differently. And it can have long term and more beneficial outcomes as well. For instance, feeling confident in your looks can give a boost to your confidence in general. Clicking selfies encourages you to be yourself and be comfortable with who you are and your skin. You may start to appreciate yourself for the way you look.

Tips to keep in mind before engaging in self photography:

  1. Set positive intentions 
  2. Focus on process, not just the outcome
  3. Experiment with different poses, angles, expressions, etc, 
  4. Celebrate imperfections and focus on your own journey instead of seeking external validation.

Therefore, if you ever feel embarrassed because of the selfies you’re taking; don’t think twice. Just do it. 

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