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Dawning Trench Dress with Cropped Jacket

Dawning Trench Dress with Cropped Jacket


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Editor's Notes

This Dawning Dress and Cropped Jacket set come in a calm and soothing colour that we call Kora. Crafted in 100% cotton fibres and natural materials. This 30s cotton dress and jacket set is undyed and unbleached. The dress has an interesting play of warm brown Kantha stitches at alternating lengths from the shoulder and comes with an adjustable and detachable belt adorned with the stitches of Kantha, a form of Indian hand embroidery, creating an ombre effect. The cropped jacket has straight embroidery lines running across the surface. It comes with detachable sleeve belts with one of the sides adorned with the stitches of Kantha. Practical touches include side pockets The sleeve belts, jacket and the belt creates room for endless styling possibilities.

Materials Used

Crafted in 100% cotton fibres and natural materials. 



Care Instructions

Hand wash separately in cold water. Kindly do not bleach. Dry in the shade. Iron or steam with warm heat and be so kind as to avoid dry cleaning.

Shipping Details

Production Time: 14 days, Delivery Time: 17-24 days from purchase🌼This item is hand made on order from India, read on Lafaani's origin & production details below🌼

Brand Origin

Lafaani has its roots in Urdu and literally translates to ‘Immortality’. The inspiration has been to create a fashion brand within the context of human equality and planetary boundaries that looks into ecological, economic, cultural and social agendas with an active approach to address the various issues looming on the world today rather than look for passive ways to compensate for our actions.

Production Details

The collection features tailored Kora-coloured garments following a free and intuitive approach to embroidery. Simple yet elegant Kantha stitches change hues and depict the warm shades of brown to adorn these undyed and unbleached fabrics to create nostalgic yet timeless silhouettes.

All Products in this collection are:
Undyed and Unbleached
100% biodegradable

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