How to Stop Comparing Oneself to Others: 12 Strategies

How to Stop Comparing Oneself to Others: 12 Strategies

By Niyati

How to Stop Comparing Oneself to Others: 12 Strategies

Comparison is the sad truth of our lives that feeds our insecurities. Not only is it toxic to us but also discourages us to flourish as distinct individuals. If we're being completely honest, we all compare ourselves to others. The world we live in has formed a destructive bond with social media, thus promoting fake standards of beauty. But, every problem has a solution; it just needs a different perspective. 

12 techniques to assist you in breaking the habit of self-comparison:

1. Choose Not To Let Insecurity Influence Your Decisions:

Insecurity breeds comparison. The fake standards set in our society have raised our consciousness about our appearances. Consequently, our insecurities get triggered, which causes us to become envious of others. 

The most important thing to reduce comparison is to be aware of yourself. When you know what sets off your insecurities, you are truly empowered. We often let our insecurities drive us toward rash decisions. A person may feel that their nose is not thin enough, and opt for rhinoplasty (just for the sake of fitting in). All in all, embrace your true selves and surprisingly you will befriend your most confident version!

2. Coming To Terms With The Fact That No One Is ‘Perfect’:

No matter how perfect a person seems, each one of us struggles with some issue or the other. We might not show it, but the naked truth is we all struggle with accepting some aspects of ourselves. Despite that, we all just fake it till we make it!

We all must have come across pictures on Instagram that appear too good to be true. The happiest of smiles on the internet, in reality, is just a person trying to cover their own imperfections so that they can appear confident. Our so-called flaws are what make us unique and distinctive from others. We all are perfect in our own ways and that makes us truly beautiful. 

3. Self-Doubt Is A Universal Tendency:

Vincent Van Gogh, Abraham Lincoln, and George Eliot; these celebrated personalities, often claimed about feeling insufficient and incompetent. This supports the fact that self-doubt is a normal occurrence in humans. Even though we differ from each other in terms of our abilities, we all have some sort of weaknesses and limitations. These weaknesses plant the seeds of doubt in us. The best way to overcome self-doubt is to practice self-compassion and be appreciative and optimistic about your growth.

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4. Enhance your self-esteem by focusing on your strengths:

Our varied abilities and perspectives set us apart from each other. That being said, we must acknowledge our specific strengths and talents. When a person strengthens their pre-existing potential, it ultimately raises their self-esteem. High self-esteem promises a confident and positive outlook toward life, altogether cutting down the urge to compare. 

5. Let other people be your inspiration:

In a healthy amount, comparison can also be helpful. Comparing ourselves to others who have achieved success or have admirable qualities can motivate and inspire us to strive for similar achievements or develop those qualities in ourselves. It can serve as a source of inspiration and a catalyst for personal growth.

6. Be grateful for a blessed life:

Human beings often drift towards more money and power. We try to chase and achieve everything in excessive amounts, it is like nothing can satisfy us. In this process, we forget to be grateful for the small things in our lives. Moreover, being grateful provides us with a sanguine approach.

7. Maintain a journal: 

Making pen and paper your best friends is one of the best ways to defeat feelings of overwhelmingness. We may become weary by comparing ourselves to others. To avoid unexpected burnout, it is essential to vent our feelings regularly. Being emotionally healthy helps us to remain unfazed and lessen comparison. 

8. Talk to yourself and affirm positivity: 

Talking to oneself appears to have significant advantages, ranging from increased cognitive function to better emotional management. Positive self-talk may make you feel more encouraged, driven, and hopeful. Similarly, the use of positive affirmations can act like magic and improve your mood instantly. Overall, it helps us in controlling our thoughts of self-comparison.

9. Distance yourself from Social media:

Reducing or limiting social media usage is easier said than done. It is impossible to entirely abandon social media, given our reliance on it. But, social Media can be cited as the prime reason behind the comparison. Thus, cutting ties with the source will automatically reduce the problem. 

10. Practice Meditation and Yoga:

Yoga and meditation reduce the psychological and physiological stress signs generated by constant comparison. They refresh our minds and provide a calm state of mind. It has also been found that the regular practice of yoga maintains our happiness levels. A content soul does not get much affected by comparison.

11. Confide in your trusted ones:

If you have people in your lives, whom you can completely trust, you must confide in them. Speaking to someone about your issues is highly recommended to decrease stress. When you feel mentally unburdened, you tend to have a flexible mindset. This helps us to minimize self-comparison and remain satisfied with ourselves.

12. You are your only competition:

Instead of always comparing yourself to others, compare your life development. The only person with whom you can legitimately compare yourself is your past self. You are successful if you make progress and continue to grow as a person. Remember that your achievements in life are simply too unique to compare.

To conclude- there will always be someone more wealthy, intelligent, and beautiful than you. Nobody is flawless. Trying to be flawless isn't the answer. So, instead of being critical of yourself for your flaws, eccentricities, and shortcomings, embrace them wholeheartedly. Accepting that you are ‘imperfectly perfect’ will set you free.

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