How To Overcome Your Shortcomings

How To Overcome Your Shortcomings




One of the things that affect consistency both in doing the right thing and in attaining perfection in life is the issue of shortcomings and if this is not properly handled, it can lead one to stagnation or it can make it hard and difficult to make progress in every aspect of life be it spiritual, career, relationship and financial.

Your shortcomings are those impediments in your life that put you at a disadvantage.

You may have wondered if there is anyone in life without a shortcoming but what you should consider is that, has anyone ever overcome their shortcomings?


Shortcomings simply mean deficiencies, either in deeds or in words. While you look at life generally, you must look at your attitudes, conduct, and behaviors that have been hindering you from being perfect in what you do because shortcomings prevent perfection and consistency.

Look at the way you respond to issues, the way you relate with people, and the kinds of actions you take.

You must seek ways to overcome your shortcomings because keeping it with you can be very detrimental to your success in life and the good news is, everyone can overcome their shortcomings.

Let me show you some steps by which you can over your shortcomings;


Overcoming your shortcomings becomes easy with this first step of acknowledgment. 

Acknowledging your shortcomings means that you recognize them and admit that you have them because you can't overcome what you don't recognize.

Acknowledging your shortcomings will be easy if you are real to yourself. Don't deceive yourself. Be real and be humble enough to admit it and be able to overcome it.


Your shortcomings may be different and it may not be as many as you think but until you identify them, you may not be able to overcome them. Itemizing your shortcomings is not necessarily on paper but it has to be in your heart. Consider it in your heart with the focus and with the mind of dealing with it. Ensure you seek the sincere opinion of people concerning your disposition and conduct and much more, seek the sincere report of your inner man as these will help you in identifying your shortcomings.


After identifying your shortcomings, it will be easy for you to know if you need them.  There are times you don't keep things to yourself and that time is the time to open up to people who can help you deal with it. Some shortcomings cannot be handled alone, they require the help of people to conquer.

Know when to seek a novice. Listen to the unseunseal sincere and well-meaning people. 

They can join you in prayer and they can help map out how to adjust your life where necessary.


When you are being reprimanded for something, how do you react? The way you react to it is your inherent attitude and it will tell whether you are ready and willing to overcome your shortcomings or not.

Develop a tough attitude when you are being reprimanded or corrected for any negative thing done as that will help you to admit and overcome it.


After discovering your shortcomings, you have to deliberately and consciously face them and fight What you don't deal with has the right and power to increase but when you face and deal with it, you will dispel its power over you.

Face it with the right attitude. Face it with the determination to see more.

Every negativity can be overcome especially, your shortcomings, and by following the steps mentioned above, you are on your way to becoming a real overcomer.


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