9 Ways to Cultivate Self-Compassion

9 Ways to Cultivate Self-Compassion

By Vanika

9 Ways to Cultivate Self-Compassion

The world has somehow turned into a race and nobody knows where the finish line is or if it even exists. You have got to be better, prettier, taller, healthier, and fairer. You have to be the best version of yourself all the time otherwise you fall behind and nobody wants to fall behind; so we run and we keep running. We pass by every red flag of this unhealthy obsession we have developed with perfection but it’s bluntly ignored until it’s too late.

Body dysmorphia can be awful. One feels uncomfortable in their skin and fears even looking at their reflection in the mirror. Constantly comparing themselves with others, falling into the trap of eating disorders, dealing with constant anxiety, depression, and taking extreme measures such as surgery to fix the ‘flaw’. It has a lot of dark sides. That’s why it’s important to cultivate self-love and not miss all the red flags. It’s not compulsory to run in the race. Take a break; breathe. 

Why is self compassion Important?

It’s important to love yourself and try to cultivate positive energy regarding yourself and other things around you. Only a positive insight can help you create a positive outlook. Having negative energy towards your own self not only affects your self-esteem, but eventually becomes a reason for various mental health conditions, such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, etc. not only does it have mental impact, but it can have physical impacts such as losing weight.


How To Cultivate Self-Compassion:

  1. Recognize your struggles. Make sure you acknowledge your struggles and work on your troubles. Use positive affirmations, do not engage in negative thoughts related to your body image, and have an optimistic outlook. 
  2. Question negative self-talk. Do you know that’s one small voice in your head that makes you question your body, the shape of your eyes, the way your lips curl when you smile, your skin tone, forces you to compare yourself with others around you and eventually helps you create a negative self image. Challenge that small voice in your head which forces you to create a toxic self image. Reason and eliminate the pessimism that comes from within. 
  3. Embrace mindfulness. Start practicing mindful activities such as yoga, meditation, walking, journaling, music, etc. Such activities provide a haven and would keep you away from pessimistic and obsessive thoughts. 
  4. Create a healthy circle. A good and supporting friend circle is important for anyone’s growth. If people around you emit negative energy and do not support you, it can create a toxic environment for you. Make sure to surround yourself with people who help you grow along with them.
  5. Challenge beauty standards. Speak up about the toxicity high beauty standards bring with them. We must acknowledge this issue sooner. Challenge unrealistic beauty standards. Every small voice matters. 
  6. Set healthy boundaries with triggers. Identify situations, environments, or people who provoke negative thoughts or comparisons, and set healthy boundaries with them. To protect your mental and emotional well-being, limit your exposure to these triggers whenever feasible.
  7. Seek professional help. Guidance and support from a professional are essential when dealing with serious disorders like body dysmorphia. Seeking help to navigate yourself towards self-compassion is important. 
  8. Celebrate your achievements; no matter how small. The journey of self-compassion involves learning and unlearning a lot of things therefore you must celebrate every small or big victory that comes your way. It took a lot of hard work and dedication for you to get there; celebrate it               
  9. Cultivate gratitude for your body. Recognize the fact that your body is worthy. Worthy of love. Worthy of self compassion. Do not let unrealistic body standards created by society make you feel less grateful about that beautiful body of yours. 

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