5 Helpful Suggestions to Overcome Unrealistic Beauty Standards

5 Helpful Suggestions to Overcome Unrealistic Beauty Standards

By Vanika

 5 Helpful Suggestions to Overcome Unrealistic Beauty Standards

Beauty standards have always been a part of our society and the bar has always been too high; nothing less than what’s supposed to be perfection; a tiny waist, fair and flawless skin, sharp jawline, perfect nose, and full lips, the list can go on forever. The pressure to adhere to social beauty standards has reached dangerous proportions in this image-obsessed world. Body dysmorphia, face dysmorphia, eating disorders, social anxiety, and depression have all resulted from the constant quest for the ideal body. Glossy magazines have come alive in the race to achieve perfection.

What you see on the internet is not the reality

The world lives on the internet. Everything you want to get or do, it's right here, on the internet. And so is the world of perfect Instagram feeds, airbrushed pictures, tips, and tricks to hide your “flawed” skin, intense gym routines, and bizarre skin care routines you have to adhere to to look as pretty as the celebrities. For some, this may lead to a distorted self-image or set them on the path of self-improvement which they may not need. It’s important to remember that beauty comes from within and we should embrace what we are born with rather than trying to correct them to fit in some tight uncomfortable bubble created by people with unrealistic expectations. Why not promote individuality, quirks, and imperfections, as the very essence of what makes us beautiful? 

Unrealistic beauty standards are a tall wall built over many generations that is hard to break at once, but we can attempt to knock it down brick by brick. It’s a slow process and it starts with accepting your flaws and embracing who you are. 



5 Helpful Suggestions to Overcome Unrealistic Beauty Standards

  1. Decrease your time on social media platforms - Too much time spent on social media can be harmful to one’s health. It can induce anxiety, mood swings, anxiety, and obsessive thoughts, and affect eating habits. Detoxing from such platforms from time to time is essential to maintain mental peace and physical health. Engage in other activities like reading, going out with friends, movie night, etc. rather than scrolling through social media.
  2. Set realistic goals- Everyone wants to improve and which is okay as change is what keeps us moving forward but unrealistic expectations can be harmful. It can affect our bodies and disrupt our mental peace. We should keep in mind to not push ourselves beyond our limits. 
  3. Celebrate Diversity- Accept that beauty comes in variations and it's not a singularity. Appreciate others and cherish individualistic characteristics which makes a person distinct from others. 
  4. Maintain a healthy peer group- It's essential to surround yourself with people who will always cheer you on and promote self-acceptance. 
  5. Challenge societal norms- To tear down the unrealistic wall of beauty expectations we need to raise our voices to speak out against these unattainable goals and advocate body positivity, self-acceptance, diversity, representation, and inclusivity.

In the end, we should remember that authentic beauty is raw and unfiltered and not airbrushed under societal norms. You're unique, you're beautiful. 

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