How I Dealt with My Social Anxiety

How I Dealt with My Social Anxiety

By Vanika

 How I Dealt with My Social Anxiety

For a long time, I struggled with connecting with people around me. Sometimes there were conflicts of interest which lead to me failing  to get along with the majority of people around me or it was just my social anxiety that I have developed over the years holding me back. Difficulty in connecting with people pushed me into my bubble during high school. I’d stay in my room, read, listen to music, watch movies, or do whatever activity which did not involve interacting with people.

It was do-able, I was doing okay and having fun. I did know it was wrong and unhealthy but I continued with it for a long time until I had the self-realisation I was waiting for from this little voice in my head which was gone and probably resting like I was. Questions like, “What are you doing with your life?”, “Is this the way you should handle things like this?”, “But you just gave up and never tried to get better.” That’s when my peaceful days ended but in a good way.

That’s when I had self-realisation; nobody else is going to come to my rescue, I have to rescue myself from this vicious cycle. I needed to work on myself for my own sake and betterment. And I did. I still have a lot of social anxiety but I’m not alone, I have friends who’d rescue me from my worst days and give me unconditional support. 

Here are some ways I’ve helped myself get out of my ‘comfort zone.'

Don’t let yourself get comfortable. Sometimes after facing failures at doing something, one might give up. That’s what I did, I gave up when I shouldn’t have. Life will always throw a curveball and we should learn to either take the impact and move on or dodge it. If you’re struggling with loneliness, don’t just accept it thinking, “It is what it is”. Work on yourself, and practice activities that involve self-affirmation. 

Do mindful activities. Practise healthy habits such as running, yoga, meditation, and journaling to improve your physical and mental peace. Social isolation takes a toll on both physical and mental well-being therefore it’s important to promote mindful activities. 

Interact with people but don’t go outside your comfort zone. Meet new people online or offline. Participate in activities, and hang out with your acquaintances or colleagues more often. Such activities would allow you to find common interests with your peer group. You don’t need to push yourself into going on all in. If you’re someone who is suffering from social anxiety like me; take your time. Don’t feel pressured into giving your hundred percent at once. It’s okay to take things slow. 

Seek professional help. If you think the situation is beyond comprehension, seek professional help. Sometimes social isolation can take a darker shape in our lives in the form of anxiety and depression. For such situations, guidance is important. 

Share your difficulties with your friends and family. Don’t shut yourself off. Opening up to your close ones may be more helpful than you can think. Seek support and comfort in your time of need. You might need it more than you know. 

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