Better hide that big-ass forehead!

Better hide that big-ass forehead!

By Priyanka

 Better hide that big-ass forehead!

Back in 2012 when fringe bangs became the newest trend, I begged my mom to let me have the same hairstyle. I got it. And it was life changing. At least for me. 

I always thought my forehead was too big and hated tying my hair in a ponytail because it made me feel like I’m balding at the front. Soon the fringes turned into side bangs - anything to hide that big-ass forehead. I got many complaints from teachers at school for hair-code violations. Another part of my head I hated were my ears that always looked too big for my head. For both the forehead and ears, the only solution was to strategically hide them with my hair. Everyday, I tried to do something different with my hair to achieve this purpose and everyday, I would get scolded at school and made to tie them back. It got to a point that I traded my long locks for a short bob so that it could not be tied at all! All of this to hide half my face in middle school. I laugh at my past self when I think about it now. But I also pity her a little bit for not thinking she’s pretty enough with all her face showing. Or that being pretty was more important than feeling comfortable and not having her hands fixing her hair every 10 seconds. But she hasn’t changed at all.

10 Years later, I still rarely tie my hair back because it doesn't make me feel pretty. But I have become more comfortable with people looking at my face. I have figured out how to wear my hair in a way that makes me feel pretty and is also comfortable to me.

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