Why is fast fashion a problem?

Why is fast fashion a problem?

Fast fashion is the mass production of clothes that are cheap and have poor quality. These clothes cannot be recycled and hence disposing them is the only solution left.

Due to the rise of fast fashion we have witnessed fashion trends changing at a higher speed. The consumer takes a faster decision to purchase a garment and turn to the latest trends.  These trendy garments are worn less and people often discard them soon.

A serious problem arises when decomposition of these clothes take hundreds of years which ultimately leads to pollution and therefore have a disastrous effect on our environment.

Main problems with fast fashion

The consumers love inexpensive and trendy shopping as the true cost of fast fashion is invisible to them but it comes with a huge cost and it can't be ignored. Here are some problems of fast fashion - 

1) Use of Microfibers


Microfiber is a synthetic fiber that consists of polyester (basically a kind of plastic) and nylon.

Microfibres are the major marine pollutant. They add plastic to the water bodies and is consumed by the aquatic organisms. Human beings consume non-veg and is indirectly consuming Microfibers. We humans are responsible for this disturbance in the food cycle.

2) Exploitation of Workers 

H&M criticised over garment factory workers' conditions | Stuff.co.nz

The demand of cheaper clothes give rise to the demand of cheap labour. Such demands leads to the exploitation of the Human rights. Workers are forced to work having low wages and forced overtimes at poor working conditions.

3) Carbon emissions

The environmental impact of the fast fashion industry | Infographic & Stats

Fast fashion industry is rising because we as a consumers are buying more clothes, wearing our existing clothes less and discarding them soon. Fast fashion uses cheap and synthetic fibres that are derived from fossil fuels which are non - renewable and majorly responsible for such emissions.

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