Wear white with a swag

Wear white with a swag

As per color psychology, white shows purity and innocence. White is the ultimate color of everybody's wardrobe and it shows status, serenity, attitude and denotes a fresh start. It is one of the easiest and also challenging colors to wear. There are many shades in white and it suits all skin tones and different age groups. Some shades of white are cream, egg shell, ivory, off white and pure white. Being the trendiest color, here are a few white outfit ideas.

It is the color that is never out of fashion. 

For a gorgeous chic look white jumpsuit is perfect. Dressing in a monochromatic way gives a stunning look and white is certainly one of the best colors for a monochromatic look. If an official look is preferred, initially pay attention to the silhouette or the garment’s structure. Let the garment be sleek, simple looking and plain. So the same jumpsuit with a jacket or a shrug will give you a more formal look. If you pair it up with sandals and a straw bag or hemp bag, it could give you a holiday chill out look. 

white dress paired with heels can be cool for a get together.  White midi dress is a classic outfit for summer and spring collections.

White tank top which can be paired with a skirt or denim or other jeans will give you a chic look.

You must have a white shirt or top that can be paired up with almost anything. At work it can be combined with beige skirts, blazer or denim and other jeans, which is an ever green combination. Hand printed or block printed and with polka dots or floral print- white tops are always a hot favorite for everyone.

A crop top with a long skirt or denim pants is a wonderful combination with a white jacket. A good pair of sneakers or perfect sandals and a hand clutch can complete your look.

When looking into ethnic wear white is a royal color. Every festival, function or wedding will have a special appearance with white dress. It can be paired up with numerous color combinations. Finishing with a white beads or lace work or hand embroidery can give your garment a gracious look. If it is a saree it is obviously outstanding. White saree with a contrast border or self designed will look marvelous on anyone. In addition to that, jewelry that suits it whether gold or silver and even brass can make a lady queen.

White shirt dresses make you look elegant in a daily outfit. Short white dresses are perfect for those who want to look stylish and feminine. Oversized tops in white are best suitable for the summer collection. We’d suggest maxi dresses in white for maternity wear. Try maxi dresses with heels or sneakers and a handbag with a white blend. Whether it is an elegant evening look or a corporate formal look white can satiate any need. 


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