Maternity wear for the modern women

Maternity wear for the modern women

Maternity is a boon for a woman. It is considered to be the saturation of a lady as much as it is said to be her rebirth. Right from conception to giving birth it is a fabulous journey in every mother’s life. We understand there are many drastic changes in this process, both mentally and physically and while you prepare yourself to welcome a new person in your life, check out the maternity collection curated by KKY for you.

The common outcome for every mother is to experience a change of body shape. While you should welcome every change in this process, embrace your curves and look for special clothing that makes you feel good. Maternity is not a hindrance to being fashionable. In fact this is a way to try some different garments. Let us have a look at maternity wear and styling.


The foremost thing in maternity wear is comfort. Even a slight discomfort can make you feel extremely irritable. As the clothing starts from fabrics, choosing the right fabric is crucial. Breathable and light textured fabrics are much preferable, especially cotton, linen, hemp and chanderi are the best choice. These are absorbent and light in weight. 

Dresses with loose fit and which are easy to wear are a good choice. Tight fit is uncomfortable and also might cause skin rashes too. Loose fitting maxi dresses where the abdomen feels free is nice to wear and see also. Oversized shirts with relaxed pants are also a good option. The free flow kaftan dresses are also widely fashionable. Even kaftan tops when paired up with denim that are also stretchable will be good to see. Try tunics that are hassle free and easy to wear. These can be worn with long skirts.

When selecting a formal outfit in maternity, midi dresses can be the choice. It’s a good option when you want to cover up the belly and also feel a little free so that it get sheer comfort. While making sure on the fit to be extra comfy, select pleasant colors like green, beige, lavender, orange and white shades to make your mood soothing and calm. This is also an effective factor as per color therapy. Floral prints and block prints or polka dots are good looking on a baby bump. When selecting nursing clothing maxi or tiered dresses with hidden zip facility are a good choice.

         Footwear in maternity is as important as clothing. As your feet might grow and swell, try wearing flip flops or flats. Keep in mind that the entire body stands up on the feet itself; foremost thing is try by all means to avoid heels. Most preferable is sandals that are as flat as possible. Even if sneakers are your choice, try to get the most comfortable pair. As most prefer walking during this period, slippers with soft cushions are good.

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