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It’s Time to say goodbye to “Bura Na Maano Holi Hai”

This Indian festival is by far the most vibrant and celebratory of all! Or maybe it's just our personal favourite ;) The festival of colors- Holi, is majorly celebrated in the northern states of the country which is all about colors, music and good vibes. We do kind of have mini music festivals all around the country! Now something you might find interesting here is a special treat that some people relish during this festival called “Bhaang”. Now if you ask us, all we know is that it's an age old tradition and considered to be holy for Shiva bhakts (Lord Shiva’s devotees). Well this time it's going to be different! This would be the country celebrating its first Holi while Covid 19 continues to spread. 

There is a very notorious saying in the hindi language “Bura Na Maano Holi Hai'' translating to Don’t feel bad, it's all in the name of the festival “Holi”. This phrase was coined for everyone to celebrate Holi and not feel bad if anyone put color on them without their permission! Whether it is actually a positive thing or it has its own negative history is a very debatable topic, but as we are living in different times, it's time to say goodbye to it for good.

While we know putting colors on each other involves enough physical contact to be considered dangerous, the water circulation will definitely do the rest of the job to spread the virus. We have been very careful and responsible for a year but we all have a soft corner, and believe us when we say it's this festival for many. 

So the question is, is it safe to play Holi now? The number of cases rising again, cities going on lockdown yet again, we wouldn't lie to you. Sorry to break your heart but it isn't safe to celebrate Holi carelessly yet. Yes we said 'carelessly' and not that you can't celebrate at all! Let us take you through some check points you must tick off before planning your HOLIday.

First and foremost - Mask & Sanitiser is a must! Kamakhyaa’s festive masks are very easy to keep on at all times, they are so elegant and gorgeous, you wouldn't want to remove it at all. In case you are someone who is prone to removing and forgetting about your mask, we have you covered too! Kamakhyaa's daily wear masks are convertibles, you can easily pull it over your head and it's a headband. Super cool and useful at the same time. What’s better? With every order placed until Holi, Kamakhyaa is going to give a complimentary Organic Holi Colors that are safe to the skin! What are you waiting for, we won't mind if you leave now to shop ;) 

After sanitation comes skincare, we all know the basics but often forget to apply them in our daily lives. When we say do not forget your sunscreen; we are screaming it out in bold letters. You will thank us for this reminder! Oiling your hair or putting a scarf around it could help protect it further, Kamakhyaa’s collection of scarves & stoles is absolutely unique, handcrafted and are made with natural fabrics. If you're wearing all whites, these scarves are going to be the game changers, elevating your simple look to a stylish one. You can wrap it around your head, neck, waist or even your handbag! 

Another advice that you will forever keep in your heart during Holi is to play with organic colors, they do not stain and dust off very easily! Look your fashionable best this festival without worrying about ruining your favourite whites. If you're heading out to a Holi party or an event, you must look like you just came out of a bohemian or indowestern runway right? Shop with us and be life of the party. 

Now tell us one thing, when you care so much about your skin, why do you choose to wear clothes made with toxic fabric and chemical colors that are harmful to your skin in the long run? It is not just harmful to the environment but you as well. Kamakhyaa’s sustainable clothing is toxic free, made with natural luxurious fabrics that are breathable and gentle on your precious skin. Kamakhyaa truly cares for you, our queen.

Also make sure you eat light and are hydrating throughout the day. It is important because we are not used to staying out in the sun for so long, it will drain you out before even you realise, however do not forget to hog on your favourite Holi delicacies - Jalebi, rabri, Gujiya should we go on or have we done our job at getting the drools on our page!

Now you're almost party ready, get your favourite playlist out, take control over the music and don't forget to headbang. Here is a crazy playlist we have curated for you, listen to it or do the #ConsciousHoliChallenge with us! Check it out below and enjoy.

Know more about the conscious Holi challenge:

The #ConsiousHoliChallenge came up to remind people to celebrate Holi in a responsible way. Covid-19 has taught us more than we ever had in our lives, to be responsible for our environment, living a more sustainable life and becoming healthy inside out. We decided to curate a kickass playlist for you to recreate your favourite bollywood moments. Dance, breathe, take a break and spread conscious colors of life with us!

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