Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi Sustainably

Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi Sustainably

Celebrated with immense love and passion, Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the greatest Hindu festivals of India. Every year, we welcome Lord Ganesha with great zeal and enthusiasm. You would already know that Lord Ganesha embarks on the new dawn that ignites the light of hope for a better tomorrow, but did you know that he was created by his mother using earth which she moulded into the shape of a boy? Yes you read it right, Lord Ganesha was created using sand & mud.

Do you think Lord Ganesha would be truly happy if we will celebrate his festival by polluting the nature? It's time for us to give it a deep thought that it is important to save the environment and in a way this would help us to create a better world. 

However, without a doubt we can state that we must use environment friendly ways of celebration so that it doesn't pollute the nature. We understand when sometimes you do have the will to celebrate the Ganesh festival in an eco-friendly way but we often tend to hold yourself back as the very thought of compromising on festivities overpowers your mind. But how about if we say that you don't need to compromise on any festivities yet celebrate it sustainably. Yes ! That's possible. Thinking about How ? Given below are some of the way in which we can celebrate Ganesh festival in an eco-friendly way without compromising  on festivities  - 

1. In modern times, we have observed the use of materials like plastic, chemical paints for making Ganesha idols has always made a great impact on our nature that even kills aquatic plants and marine life. So, this time let's make a pledge to celebrate Ganesha festival sustainably. For this you can either create your own Ganesha idol from clay, chocolate or sand and showcase your creativity  to the world and can also buy eco-friendly Ganesh idols handcrafted by local artisans! It's a good way to support small!  This way the idols wouldn't harm the water bodies but will dissolve in the most environment friendly way!

2. For making rangolis and playing with colors, use organic colors, turmeric, henna, rice powder to protect both your skin and environment!

3. It is equally important that we are not eating any unhealthy food! Do enjoy this festival to the fullest but we hope that you will take care of your health as well. 
4. While taking care of our environment on this Ganesh Chaturthi , it is equally important that we take care of our body too. Why do you like to wear clothes that are made with toxic fabric and chemical colors? That is harmful to you and the environment.

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