7 Eco & Skin friendly fabrics you must know

7 Eco & Skin friendly fabrics you must know

I know many of us think about what our outfits are made of. At least I do! You know why? It's because it affects our skin and its wellness. The garments we wear are directly against our skin. The fabric we choose has many factors that should be taken into account while selecting which ones to buy. So let us have a look at the top 7 sustainable fabrics. 

1. Linen

  Made of flax plant, which has many health benefits; linen is the oldest fabric in the world. Being light weight and breathable, the more we wash linen the softer it becomes. It is a hypoallergenic fabric which suits even sensitive skin types. 

2. Hemp

    Hemp is one of the most durable fabric and is stronger than cotton. It also does not need much water to grow. Hemp is antibacterial and antimicrobial. It is free of any chemical pesticides and is also UV resistant. So, it is definitely great to wear in the summer sun since its also very lightweight and breathable.

3. Banana fiber

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   It is one of the highly absorbent fabrics. It is strong and with high tensile strength. A surprising feature is it is odor free and needs very less chemical treatment in production. It has a natural shine in its finishing and it is naturally absorbent. This is a must try for summer clothing!

4. Bamboo fiber

   One of the most eco-friendly fabrics. It is highly breathable and mostly recommended for sensitive skin. It is as soft as silk. This suits best for hot weather and in moisture conditions. It has antimicrobial properties.

5. Mulmul

    The best fabric for summer season is Mulmul, it absorbs more than normal cotton and is actually one of the types of cotton. The more it is washed the more it gets softer and suits any skin type. It is sheer and delicate and makes the wearer feel cool. Its a good option for monsoon collection.

6. Tencel or lyocell

   This fabric is made of wood pulp where the wood is chipped and pulp is made which is then spun. The fabric has the unique property of being odor free. It is very smooth on the skin. It is stronger than many other fabrics.

7. Soy fibre

   Exclusively made of soy protein, this is the fibre mostly suitable for sportswear. As this is highly absorbent and it has antimicrobial properties. It is also highly elastic which makes it easily stretchable. It has high tensile strength.


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There are many other eco-friendly fabrics. Fabrics made of seagrass, lemongrass, organic cotton. Cashmere wool which is biodegradable. Cupro, the vegan alternative for silk and many more.

Our skin that is most cared for and also sometimes most neglected is covered by the clothes we choose. So let us be a little conscious while selecting an outfit!

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