KFTS Challenges & Pursuits

What We Challenge

With the aim to create a supportive sanctuary for people to find their inner strength and take an active role in their own development and well-being. KFTS is a free platform that is open source with the aim of having expert-backed excursions, tricks, and worksheets. Its first goal is to assist you in finding peace within yourself to captivate your desired life.

1. Body dysmorphia

All of us have been scared of eyes at some point, to have people perceive our bodies and judge our flaws. Stretch marks, scars, strawberry legs, curves and dips and all the other natural aspects of our bodies that we have been trying to hide in shame. We challenge this notion of “the perfect body” and the impossible standards we set upon ourselves. 

2. Face dysmorphia

The mirror sometimes does not seem kind, and the camera even more cruel. “My nose is too big, my face is too hairy, my teeth are too crooked, my coloring is too uneven, my acne is ugly,” we have all had at least some of these thoughts or more throughout our lives. We challenge this notion of “beauty” and demand a redefinition of the word beyond the symmetrical aesthetic.

3. Loneliness and social isolation

It’s no shame but it's time to accept that we all have felt lonely and excluded in our lives. We have found it hard to talk and seek support, even from our loved ones. We have said "i'm okay" or "i'm fine" even when we're most definitely not. We challenge this notion of “all is fine” when most of the time, it is not. We challenge our own prisoner tongues because we know that pain demands to be heard.

Our Vision

KFTS's vision is to create a transformative online platform that nurtures mental fitness and promotes body positivity. We envision a world where individuals are empowered to prioritize their mental well-being, embrace their bodies with love and acceptance, and cultivate a positive relationship with themselves and others.

Our Mission

KFTS's mission is to provide a comprehensive online resource hub that inspires individuals to embark on a journey of mental fitness and body positivity. We strive to foster a community that encourages self-care, self-reflection, and personal growth. Through engaging content, educational articles, practical exercises, and inspiring stories, we aim to empower individuals to develop resilience, practice self-compassion, and embrace their unique identities, both physical and mental.

Our Commitment

KFTS's commitment is to challenge societal norms, break down stigmas surrounding mental health and body image, and promote inclusive representation of all individuals. Our ultimate goal is to support and inspire our community members to live authentically, embrace their worth, and thrive in their personal and emotional well-being.