Ways To Foster A Neurodivergent - Friendly Environment At Workspace

Ways To Foster A Neurodivergent - Friendly Environment At Workspace

By Vanika

Ways To Foster A Neurodivergent - Friendly Environment At Workspace


Something that is often neglected and missed at workplaces or in educational institutes is the need to be neurodivergent inclusive. It’s important to understand that every person is different and has varying requirements from their surroundings. Yet, signs of neurodivergence are labelled and stigmatized making the environment hostile and discriminating. Many conditions such as dyslexia, ADHD, and autism make it hard for people to adjust to traditional workspaces that fail to accommodate their needs. As we move forward in time, more and more people are learning that an inclusive and non-discriminatory environment is important to create a healthy and enriching living for everyone.  




It’s important to remember that providing a comprehensive environment to neurodivergent employees or students should not be conditioned to the fact that you’re aware of their condition. You cannot predict who around you might not be neurotypical. Just as we like to make sure that people with physical disabilities are well taken care of around us, we should also learn to harbor inclusivity for those whose struggles are not visible to the naked eye.




Not many people are familiar with conditions and behaviors that are not neurotypical like them. Lack of awareness often leads to unintentional bias, hostility, or discrimination. Some activities or seminars should be held where everyone is taught, trained, and informed about this subject. Awareness can help eradicate the problem as well as help enhance their knowledge. 




Flexible work hours, facilities to work from home, take breaks when required, and have the ability to switch their workdays are some flexibility people with neurodiverse conditions should be provided with. This can help facilitate a nurturing work environment for them where they can give their best to the organization while maintaining their health and well-being. 




Neurodivergence comes with varying sensory preferences or sensitivities. These sensory preferences can either make work easier for them or it can ruin their effectiveness completely. Workspaces should provide a sensory-free environment or amenities such as adjustable or comfortable lights, quiet/personal spaces, or noise-canceling headphones. 




Being neurotypical has its own benefits, one of them being sensing and understanding various tones, parts, or meanings of something being said to them. However, for some neurodiverse people, things like sarcasm may be hard to comprehend. Accommodating clear and good communication is important to make the job easier for them. Apart from that, organizations can offer visual aids, text-based messaging, and video conferencing to help generate alternative ways for their diverse teammates. 




Resource groups especially for neurodiverse employees can provide additional assistance to them. It will provide them with a great environment for them to speak up about their experiences and make them feel comfortable. Other than that, cooperatives should hire an organizational psychologist who can help enforce some awareness among the staff.

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