Relocation Anxiety And How To Manage It

Relocation Anxiety And How To Manage It

By Vanika

Relocation Anxiety And How To Manage It

Ironically, change is one of the most constant things in our lives. As human beings, we are bound by some norms created by society to help us keep moving forward. To fulfill these norms, some would have to leave their comfort zones and get out there. Moving out for college, schools, or jobs, changing cities due to personal reasons, etc. can often be responsible for stress and anxiety. Leaving behind your home to start in a completely new and different place, where you might not even know anyone can be anxiety-provoking. Am I going to like the new city? Would it be hard to make new connections? What if this relocation weakens my bond with my friends back home? All of these questions might have come to your mind about moving. At the end of all this, let’s remember that it’s okay to be anxious about moving.


How to Make Relocation Feel Less Stressful

Moving can be tough. The logistics, packing, finances, searching for properties, starting work or college in a new place. All of this can be hard to take in. As much as getting the work done is important, it's also important to maintain mental peace. Though there are no fixed ways to do it, here are some methods that have worked out for a lot of people-


  1. Try to Have a Positive Outlook

It's important to remind yourself that this is for your betterment. Along with that, moving out has so many perks. You get to make new friends, explore new places, eat new food. Having such positive thoughts may prevent stress and anxiety from clouding over your mind.


  1. Plan Your Move Thoroughly

Leaving things out for the last minute or choosing to multitask can get hectic. It's important to begin planning and preparing on time so that you don't get burdened with so much work all at once. Make a list of all the things that need to be done and move forward with your work according to the list on time. This can help you simplify your work. 


  1. Communicate Your Anxiety

As a student, moving out can bring about a lot of anxiety. And it’s completely normal to feel this way. Moving to a new City without your parents is bound to put a person under stress. Therefore, it's important to communicate your feelings to a trusted person. Overburdening yourself can make the move a lot more uncomfortable than it's bound to. Declutter. Talk to your friends and family. Let them comfort you.


  1. Google Up Your New City

To make the move less nerve-wracking, search up your new city and the things of interest that are there. This way, you can be prepared for what's coming and enjoy the things coming your way.


  1. Healthy Diet and Exercising

Shifting comes with a lot of work and often people fail to take care of themselves amidst all of that. Therefore, make sure you're eating healthy and staying fit all along. Stay healthy, stay hydrated!


  1. Once you've Moved, Make Sure You Have a Routine

Routine is essential to simplify problems. There will be some external sources of stress and anxiety present during the first few days therefore it's important to stay on a schedule and not lag. Make a routine and make sure to follow it through the entire day. 

Apart from these, do whatever makes you happy from the inside. Practice your hobbies and interests, read new books, and explore new places. Show yourself some kindness and take care of yourself. Thrive! Not just survive.

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