How Are Physical Health And Mental Health Interlinked?

How Are Physical Health And Mental Health Interlinked?

By Vanika

How Are Physical Health And Mental Health Interlinked?


The fact that mental health and physical health are interconnected is very hard to come by for most people because they seem to be two very different concepts. But in reality, they are very related to each other. Good mental health facilitates physical health, and vice versa. Similarly, if someone is struggling with their mental health, it might affect their physical health as well. On the other hand, someone struggling with their physical health may see it impacting their mental well-being as well. 


Some reasons why this interconnection between mental health and physical health exists can be

  • Lack of access to aid or medical help
  • Genes that have been passed down in the family 
  • An unrealizable support system
  • Unhealthy habits
  • Lack of motivation to get things done



In the long term, poor psychological health can have some adverse effects on your physical health too. It takes away the ability and motivation to make good decisions, maintain a healthy diet, disrupt a sleep schedule, or have a good social life. Eventually, neglected mental health manifests itself in the form of health conditions like-


  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • Premature death
  • Weak immune system
  • Heart problems
  • Gastrointestinal problems.   



In today’s world, it’s hard to maintain a well balanced life. Everyone has a hectic schedule where taking care of themselves, be it physically or mentally become bit of a task. But taking care of yourselves in order to achieve your daily goals is essential. You cannot give your 100% to the things you want to do with a weak metal and physical well being. 



Exercising regularly keeps your physical health in check. Along with the various physical benefits it also enriches our mental well-being. Running, biking, hiking, etc. are some habits you can use to build up your physical health. 



Sleep is important for our body. It helps our body relax and be ready for the upcoming day. A bad sleep schedule can ruin your daily cycle and make it hard for you to deal with day-to-day things with focus. Therefore, incorporating at least 8 hours of sleep in your day is important for both your physical health as well as mental health. 



An unhealthy diet can lead to an unbalanced physical health. Along with its negative effect on your physical body, it is also linked with psychological problems such as depression and anxiety. 

A well-balanced diet with all the required greens, vitamins, proteins, and healthy fats can help you achieve great physical well-being to go through your day with a gust of energy and would eventually have a positive impact on your mental well-being. 

It’s also important to stay hydrated. Drink more water. Your body requires at least three to four litres of water every day to function smoothly. 

Along with maintaining a healthy diet, it’s important to not indulge in unhealthy things such as drugs and alcohol. They can have a negative as well as long-term impact on our body and are better to stay away from.



A hectic schedule can affect your mental well-being. To make sure your mental health is well taken care of, it’s important to participate in mindful activities to avoid psychological problems like anxiety, stress, or depression. Mediation, practicing your hobbies, yoga, or simply anything that puts your mind at ease during stressful situations is essential to keep your mental peace in check.

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