Challenges In Youth Life

Challenges In Youth Life

By Ritika

Challenges In Youth Life

Youth ;the period of your life when you are young, especially the time before a child becomes an adult. Youth is the time of life when one is young. The word, youth, can also mean the time between childhood and adulthood (maturity), but it can also refer to one's peak, in terms of health or the period of life known as being a young adult. Youth is also defined as "the appearance, freshness, vigor, spirit, etc., characteristic of one, who is young". Its definitions of a specific age range varies, as youth is not defined chronologically as a stage that can be tied to specific age ranges; nor can its end point be linked to specific activities, such as taking unpaid work, or having sexual relations.

  • Youth is an experience that may shape an individual's level of dependency, which can be marked in various ways according to different cultural perspectives. Personal experience is marked by an individual's cultural norms or traditions, while a youth's level of dependency means the extent to which they still rely on their family emotionally and economically.

Challenges in youth life are;

1.Single Parent Households;Since the 1950s, the numbers of single-parent households have significantly increased.Raising a child in itself is difficult enough, no matter whether it is a single-parent home or not, especially with tough economic conditions.

2.Drug/Alcohol Abuse;There have been times in history when every actor/actress in a movie was portrayed with a cigarette in hand, as smoking was considered cool.Today, about 21% of high school students admit drug use, and 41% report drinking alcohol.

3.Growing Up Too Fast; There was a time when kids enjoyed being kids. Today, even at the earliest of ages, some children are partaking in adult activities with serious consequences. In many places around the world, children are involved in economic activities and bear a burden of responsibility for their families.

4.Violence in Schools; Schools play a major role in the formation of the young person’s foundation for building a life and it is reasonable to expect that the places for learning should be safe. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as in many instances, schools can become “war zones”.

In the last decade, 284 kids were murdered due to school violence – these were shootings, stabbings, fighting, and suicides.

4.Stress & Time Management;

Managing the pressure to succeed in every area of life and finding time to do it all to be one of the biggest challenges facing the youth todayYoung people are expected to succeed, but few of them know about effective time management and, for example: write essays services that allow them to save time for studying and spend it on work projects.

5.Political & Social Issues ;what goes on around the world and finding one’s own opinion on social and political issues is a big challenge for the youth, who struggle to differentiate between “good” and “bad” news sources and find their way into the mud of today’s world.

6 Materialism ;We live in a society that promotes materialism and young people are taught to measure success and happiness in life-based on how much stuff they have.

A materialistic view of life can result in dissatisfaction when one doesn’t have enough and can negatively affect a person’s life.


7.Obesity ;Recent numbers show that more and more children and youth especially in the United States are becoming obese. This is mostly because they prefer to spend more time in front of the TV or laptop and not enough time exercising and leading a healthy lifestyle.


8.Education Inequality ;Different groups of young people seem to have unequal access to proper education and throughout the world, there have been continuous attempts at reforming education at all levels.

Still, according to the World Inequality Database on Education, more than 25% of children worldwide have never been to primary school. Not to mention the possibility of attending additional courses or getting some essay assistance that any child needs at least once in school life.

9.Shifting Economy ; In today’s society, open markets and globalization result in laying off workers and outsourcing work to countries where it is cheaper.

This makes it more difficult for young people to find jobs and further complicates the already problematic lives of youth.

How to overcome that challenges;

 Ways to Overcome Challenges in Life

1. Make A Plan

While you don’t know what is going to happen in the future, you can always plan ahead. Look at the patterns in your life and see what challenges you’ve struggled with. Assess the optimal outcomes and make a plan for how you can achieve them.

If you work somewhere and can anticipate the types of challenges you may face, then you can plan ahead. This is the same for students in school. If a challenge is time management, then you can learn and plan for calendar management, for example.

2. Know You’re Not Alone

Every person in this world has their low points. Some may handle or even hide it better than others. But the truth is, whatever you are going through, there are others who have been through it too. You’re not alone. Try to reach out to your community and network. Speak your feelings and express your concerns in all settings of your life.

3. Ask For Help

You’re not alone, so you can find help. There’s no need to feel ashamed for asking for help. Whether you choose to rely on a loved one, a stranger, a mentor, or a friend, there are people who want to help you succeed.

4. Feel Your Feelings

By masking your feelings, they are not going to go away. Rather, feelings become trapped energy and can even have negative health consequences when they are ignored. Take some time to feel what you feel. This could come in the form of meditation. Or, if you’d rather write down what you feel, writing can be a therapeutic and cathartic experience.

When you feel and share your feelings, you may also be able to see your situation in a new light. This exercise could lead you to come up with novel solutions and overcome any challenge at hand.

5. Accept Support

Asking for help is only one side of the coin. On the other side of the coin, you have to be open and willing to accept support. People who come to your aid truly do care about you. Be open to receiving help when you need it.

6. Help Others

The old adage goes, “What you give is what you get.” If you’ve been through a situation or have advice for someone you know who is going through a tough time, be sure to help out! Helping others not only benefits them, but it can also help you feel happier yourself.

7. Think Big

It can be easy to let yourself think small because of the fear of failure, or even the fear of making a decision. But, to accomplish great things in life, you have to be open to taking risks. With whatever challenges may arise, always think and dream big. That way, you will achieve more than you could have ever imagined. Try not to let your thoughts get in your own way.

8. Positive Mindset

What you think becomes your reality. Train your mind to think positively. This will take both time and practice. It begins with mental awareness. You can practice awareness through mindfulness techniques and meditation. When you get good at acknowledging your thoughts and letting them pass, you can stop negative thoughts in their tracks.

9. Don’t Give Up

When a challenge arises, be it a big test in school or an upcoming running race, don’t give up! Persistence is a huge key to overcoming challenges. Giving up means that you will neither overcome the challenge nor learn from it. Power through challenges by asking for support, feeling your feelings, and making a plan to work through it.

10. Work Smart, Not Hard

Generally, there is more than one way to get something done. However, there’s always just one optimal way or best way of doing it. To work smarter rather than harder, start by working backward. Outline and define your goal. Then, plan the process for how to get there. Perform research to see how others who have come before you have done it. Take count of your own skills and ideas for how you may be able to do it better. Then, stick to your path and get to work!

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