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Pink Embroidered Mini Dress

The Loom Art

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Editor's Notes

This is a brown cotton khadi dress 100% hand loomed by our weavers in Bengal . This beautifully hand embroidered v -neck dress is a perfect addition for a summer date. The stylised bishop sleeves are a reminder of a french victorian era. It has delicate hand embroidery along the waistline and on the sleeves. This flirty and outgoing dress is handmade by our artisans in Jaipur.

Materials Used

Cotton Khadi



Care Instructions

Dry cleaning the clothes is preferable. Hand wash separately in cold water. Do not soak in water for too long. In order to maintain the brilliance of the color, add a handful of salt on the first rinse. Do not use fabric softener or starch. Do not dry in direct sunlight.

Shipping Details

Shipped In: 28-35 days from purchase, Delivered In: 35-42 days from purchase

Brand Origin

The label focuses on reviving the old and dying authentic craft, embroidery and weaving techniques in this fast fashion dominated world. The loom art is a fond effort to give platform to these artisans; weavers, embroiderers, sample person, craftsmen to come together and co create. This to the brand is sustainability, to sustain livelihoods of talents. Sustainability is a way of life, fair trade, hand loom fabrics, hand embroideries and mostly happy employment.

Production Details

The brand dwells upon handwoven fabrics made in quaint villages of India. Recreation of ancient hand embroideries like Kantha, Phulkari, Cross Stitch and further more to remind you of the simpler times when clothes were woven & knitted by the hands of your grand mothers. The Loom Art is our medium to channelize these techniques with thoughtfully designed motifs in order to keep the ancestry of story telling alive.

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