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Off White Jacket -Prints


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Editor's Notes

This Handwoven vest is an authentic piece crafted by skilled artisans, it represents our environment and the beautiful irregularities in it. The bright yet calming colours of the vest are inspired by the sun, sand, sky; the natural elements found in the Kutch district of Gujrat, India. 

Materials Used

Handloom 40% cotton 60% tussar silk


Off white milange

Care Instructions

Do not bleach, do not dry clean, wring gently, hand wash preffered, wash separtely or with similar color, iron at mild temprature

Shipping Details

Shipping Time: 4-5 working days, Delivery Time: 7-14 days

Brand Origin

In today’s world, sustainability in fashion has just become a gimmick. Maatie wants to stand in this environment of consumerism, and ask for consumers to pause for a moment. This brand makes fashion which is worth pausing for as it tells a story in every piece, sometimes of communities or age old Artisans, sometimes of just the authenticity of nature, and sometimes a futuristic take on what fashion could be.he brand tries to incorporate different techniques to be able to cater to each category and present a sustainable solution.

Production Details

The brand processes represent being conscious in witnessing material transition through their natural form, in it gaining momentum through humans, but having its way of being and living energy. The processes include cultural prints, block printing, shibori, eco-printing, earth friendly, natural dye, ayurvedic dye on certified fabrics such as gots certified organic cotton, grs certified cotton, epic certified natural fibre with banjara embroidery & hand crocheting!

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