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Pink Sequence Jumper

Kavya Singh Kundu

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Editor's Notes

Float in a cloud of shimmery sequins that cover this super luxe jumper. The sequins catch the light in soft, subtle shades. What’s better is that these are sustainable sequins, crafted from a recycled material, making them good for the environment. The fabric is a heavy satin orange fibre to bring a subtle sheen under the sequins, and the lining is a soft bamboo fibre fabric that gently caresses your skin. The neckline is bejewelled with dazzling crystals to complete the look.

Materials Used

Bamboo fiber self check fabric and Orange fiber heavy satin fabric



Care Instructions

Dry clean only

Shipping Details

Shipping Time: 10-14 days, Delivery Time: 12-20 days

Brand Origin

The brand, Kavya Singh Kundu, was born in a pandemic. The world had literally slowed down almost as if it was time to craft a new way of living. The basic ethos is to build a brand on sustainable practices of design and craft for the contemporary and conscious world of today.

Production Details

As a NIFT Delhi graduate, the designer's love for handcrafted textile traditions had taken her from the looms of Bengal to the lanes of Lucknow and the gallis of Benaras. She had soaked in Indian traditions and explored age-old techniques of embroidery and craftsmanship. The brand came to life by reinterpreting handcrafted techniques with a sharp and edgy modern sensibility. So here’s unveiling a collection of slow fashion pieces with a visual language that’s fresh and fun.

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